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» Balance... from Redeye VC
Check out this blog post on work/work balance by Howard Morgan (my partner in First Round Capital) - he does an unbelievable job in managing his time...and this post really nails the time allocation challenges of a seed-stage [Read More]


Tom Mornini

Take a look at this, it might simplify managing your contact frequency:


[HM] Looks interesting, but I'm not a MAC user.

Letato Ovilia Nwachwukwu

my name is lerato Ovilia Nwachwukwu i am looking for any clerical work or position, and also dancing positions i am a South African residing in South Africa at the Moment

sleep disorder

Email has made for maximum availability to the various CEOs and investors - and I try to keep my inbox to fewer than 30 items at any time. This often means late hours (work/life balance issue), or cleaning things up on weekends. It means getting people used to interacting via email so that the physical meeting time can be spent about 1/4 on looking at new situations and investments and not as much on the telephone.

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