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Martin Wells

Great advice, especially for a first blog entry.

I wish you luck on this new venture. :)

Kelly Choo

I agree with you that it's tough to judge the 6th "P" persistence.

I guess only time will tell whether an entrepreneur has it or not.

But where does one draw the line of being just plain stubborn VS persistent?


Great advice.But I am often wondering, some people are just excellent talkers but not good executors, how to tell?

Peter Cranstone

I would offer one more - it's not a "P" but an "A". In 16 years of being a serial entrepreneur this was perhaps the hardest lesson of all to learn (comprehend).

The A stands for alignment. You cannot focus and execute on a common plan under one leader unless you are in alignment.

In the beginning alignment is usually pretty easy - as the company grows and builders and capitalizers are added to the team alignment becomes very difficult.

The 6 P's are all required - however without an A they will remain unsuccessful.

gandon fran├žois albert

it is always a pleasure to discover a blog at its early stage.

Good luck!

David Tebbutt

Maybe the A could be a P - partnership. As in a good marriage.


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