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Peter Cranstone

Very nice... how does it look on a mobile browser?

All the best,



Interesting as a search tool. From AP on Snap:

"Under a new format to be unveiled Monday, Snap will lump together search results financed by advertisers in the same column as Web links drawn from algorithms programmed to disregard financial incentives and find the most relevant response to a user's request.

As an example of how Snap's approach might blend results, a response to "used cars" might rank a result bought by Carsmart.com directly above a noncommercial link to Usedcars.com."

I really think your comments on smart, user selected search seem great, but does this imply that the system is being gamed a bit? Will Snap differentiate between sponsored results and non-sponsored? I didn't note any sort of highlights that Yahoo or Google does.

I like the idea and hope it gets some traction. Good luck.

[HM] Sponsored results are shown with an orange note
"sponsored result" so it's pretty clear. Try used cars.


Ahh, cool. Thx.

Pau Lowell

Hi Howard,
keep on searchin'

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