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I agree with you josh have a great concept about his waterfall


Interesting reading, i an 42 have 3 decaesstid lumbar discs, two disc protrusions, peri-articular-sclerosis, osteoarthritis, no lumbar lordosis and all the other associated rubbish that goes along with that kind of diagnosis, i havent worked for 6 years due to pain, i have been prescribed oxycontin, morphine, fentanyl, plus loads of others, i have changed my diet, given up tobacco, tried cannabis, tried 5htp, high tryptophan diets, exercise, no exercise, been on a 3 week intensive back pain programme at the Royal National Orthapedic Hospital in London, i have tried everything as they say my condition is inoperable and i have been suffering in pain for many years now, i take 15mg slow release oxycontin(prescribed) twice daily at the moment , i live in london so dont get anywhere near enough sunlight and recently watched a you tube presentation by a Dr Holick about vitamin d called a d-e-lightful story , very clever man and highly qualified, there is a brand of D3 called sunvit available from a popular health food chain here in england so i got a bottle, i worked out the bottle contained about 200,000 units and swallowed half the contents mixed in with a yohgurt drink(approx 100,000 units) , tasted good, knocked me out for about 3 hours, made me do lots of orangey burps which was a bit strange, that was 7 days ago ( i intend to dose every 4 weeks) , no reportable side effects, i still get acute pain and sciatia but the chronic, looming, depressing pain i had everyday has all but dissapeared, it seems so distant in my mind now, i am amazed after trying so many different methods that i seem to have found the holy grail of pain relief, it has gone from a debilitating 7-8/10 daily to a 2/10 , i can only hope it continues like this


I am 28 years old and have suffered from chnrioc upper body pain in my chest, ribs and back for about 1 and a half years no. I have seen about 10 different doctors and have had every scan and test done possible. I just got done with my 4th visit at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN and they told me that all they could find was that my Vitamin D was low at a level of 18. I was prescribed 50k units of Vitamin D once per week for 8 weeks and then to continue at 4k units a day indefinitely after that. So far I have only taken two pills and I have felt generally a little better but only time will tell. I have also recently started accupuncture as well as physical therapy only seemed to make things worse. I truly hope and pray that my story ends up as good as some of the other individuals on this blog. I had literally lost all hope after seeing so many doctors so many times, about 75-100 visits I'm sure in the last year. I wish everyone else good luck who is just starting out on their vitamin D regiment. Thank you for your comments.


This is exactly what haepenpd to me! Been well controlled for yrs on same dose of oxcodone until the pain mgmt group wanted me to keep an open mind and try other things. Went thru enormous pain for 3 1/2 months, & was shocked that when I got back on my regular dose, it took wks to even begin to touch the pain. I thot I'd almost be high from the low of where I had been My primary doc ordered mineral & vitamin blood work and sure enough, my Vit D level was low. (I had forgotten to take it with my calcium during this time.) Four wks later on the Vit D & same dose of oxycodone am back to baseline control. I can't wait to take this article to the pain mgmt group Thanks for your work!


Nationwide, prescription pills have bcmeoe a societal force. Adults and children rely on them for a growing list of afflictions, including anxiety, depression, even shyness, for which few alternatives were available a generation ago. Nearly half of all Americans take at least one prescription drug, this findrxonline. Meanwhile, direct-to-consumer drug marketing that touts new and expanded uses has bcmeoe widespread. Adults and children alike are exposed to print, television and radio ads promising happier, more fulfilled lives. For young people, experts say, all these factors appear to have blurred the line between the benefits and dangers of the medications.


For thirty years I had msucle and joint pain. My useless doctor did not take me seriously and wouldn't prescribe pain relief, or find a cause. Eventually I was in so much pain I couldn't sleep at night or get out of a chair, everything hurt.When I started taking lots of Vitamin C and D I gradually improved. All along I had been following his advice to stay out of the sun. How many millions of people endured pain and risked all these other diseases because the medical profession is so incompetent?


@Brandon99717 yea people who coamplin about it are pussies i agree with you. you put yourself in the position so to coamplin to everyone else is annoying and its easy to call people babies. Honestly when you experience wd's from opiates you'll wanna die. You wont sleep more than 20 minutes at a time if you can even get yourself to fall asleep at all, the one thing you want to do is the number one thing you cant do just to sleep. its crazy how powerful the wd's are from something so small


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