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Andrew Parker

Glad to see you eat your own dogfood with the snap thumbnail preview on hover. I've had it on my blog for a week now, and I dig it. I just wish it loaded faster (or had a way to request preloading when I change my site).

Patrick Aievoli

TechCrunch was great. Would have loved to have met up with you. Your concept of Way Too Early is desperately needed. Would really like to talk to you about my company. We are a startup looking for funding. TechCrunch could use a meet and greet for startups and angels/VC. Would be agreat boost to this new wave of Web 2.0.


Gideon Marken

>> QUOTE: Compete.com, originally an Idealab company, was showing its new easy to use site statistics. I find them more accurate for US sites than Alexa, and a lot easier to read.

Yes - the stats are very nice but they seriously need the following to get better traction:

1. an API
2. a simple JS widdget to show charts by passing domains in the JS URL

I'm just about to launch a site that displays the charts from Alexa for social media sites - http://socialnetwork.in . I would much rather use Compare's data and charts... but they're a closed system - no sharing of data, so there's no opportunity, and no links pointing to compare.com.

If Compare wants to become THE place on the Web to compare traffic - they need to open up!

- Gideon


What an interesting topic, but I think in a different way.


To anon 11:50BS. As a news reporter, I of cousre owe a certain allegiance to my supervisors and the organization that employs me (which as far as I know doesn't have jack to do with Halliburton et al). But my primary duty (and indeed, that of my supervisors) is to cover news and inform the reading public of things they need to know. I have, in my career, quit jobs where I felt that wasn't the case.If all I cared about was pleasing some boss, I could make a h--- of a lot more money writing press releases for a phone company. So spare me your ill-informed and paranoid media conspiracy theories.


We're absolutely on the same track here, Joey. I agree the rbospnsieility for creating a community environment rests with the industry. When people won't use our products, that has to be our problem, not theirs.Livingstories is a step in the right direction, tho implementation thus far is lacking. I like to talk about "news services" now rather than "newsstories" to acknowledge that the old atomic unit of news -- the article -- is insufficent.News articles are a commodity. Communities of people who care about news are not.

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