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David S. Rose

ROFL! Well, since we're in the process of [finally] upgrading to HD, I read your blog entry to MY luddite spouse (your dinner companion the other evening), who informed me in no uncertain terms that "hah! I've been burned once by Tivo [*our* Series 1, which seemed to have a mind of its own] so there is no way on earth that I will have one of those in my home again!"

So, I guess we're stuck with the TWC SA HD PVR. Ah well. (But, um, how well is the TiVo working out for you? Any chance it's good enough that it's worth trying to work on my spousal sales pitch?)
[HM] Actually, it's working out just fine, and the TWC box goes back to them tomorrow. The great TiVo functionality - wish lists, series recording that's intelligent, etc. were worth the pain.

Blake Southwood

Tivo Killer on the way.


Blake Southwood
Founder of Big Bear

Jamie Snell

What is the make/model of the cable card that works with the TiVo?

Online Pharmacy

hello friend excellent blog about Time Warner and TiVo - too early for CableCARDs(TM)? thanks for sharing!!!


This will be such a huge announcement. Pathetic that it took this long. Time wanrer sucks. HBO will eventually offer HBO to go directly to consumers for a monthly fee (time wanrer will make sure it doesn't happen until they have no choice but to let HBO do it) sooner rather than later Time Warner will end up where it's headed: an internet service provider. Remember ma bell and land lines.

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