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all you need to do is read valleywag and you'll see the same thing playing out in the corporate world

[HM] Yes, but the print media does not pick up Valleywag stories as quickly as political ones, perhaps because businesses advertise in print media, while politicians mainly use TV and Radio.

Barry Caplan

Howard - interesting thoughts! Early and way too early - that is my world too, especially DigiMedia here in Silicon Valley.

I think advances in digital distribution are fundamentally changing the "packet size" of information we process. Digital means it costs the same, arguably less, to discover and transmit a tiny packet of information directly to a targeted user - in the past you would have to have broadcast it widely to everyone to hit the small audience.

Now we can see all that traffic fly by and notice how much of it is precise or irrelevant to us as individuals, and wonder at how much information we as a society can really produce, distribute, and consume.

I don't know that there is anything good or bad about that...it is just a trend in communications that has been going on to this point for zillions of years, and, judging from your portfolio at First Round Capital, is likely to continue for quite some time to come! /Best, Barry Caplan


I was enjoying my eee pc by Asus until about a month ago (I bugoht it in May 2008). I was willing to put up with its lack of hard drive space and clumsy tiny keys on the keyboard because of how portable it was when travelling with my backpack on an hour long commute into Vancouver from Abbotsford for day trips. Since I did not want to lug around a larger laptop the netbook was a great solution since all i wanted to do was check my e-mail and social media sites. Then all of a sudden it stopped recognizing my router (d-link). Neither d-link nor Asus have been able to resolve the problem. I have made sure my wireless is routed etc. Now it sits in my home gathering dust. All my other three wireless computers, two laptops and one tower, work perfectly.

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