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David S. Rose

Hey, if we buy in bulk (such as for distribution to, say, a small company or all the members of an angel group) could we get the discount AND get them autographed?? It sounds great!

Jonathan Dean

I enjoy reading your blog and wish you the very best of luck with your new book.

Regards, Jonathan.

Matt Tucker

Look forward to reading the book. I really learned a lot from your last effort, Entrepreneurial Marketing, which I can highly recommend to your blog readers.


Martin Tannerfors

Just read the book you co-authored and I found it to be a tremendous resource and should be a must have for all start-up junkies.

When you are in startup mode and your private life as well as business life is going crazy the book really helps to remind you and focus on the simple yet crucial marketing steps to make your product/company a success.

Thank you for a great book!


ay jackson

The five constituencies are Customers (those who give you money for something), users (who may or may not pay), investors (who also give you money), employees (who cost you money, but want to know why their options might have value.

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