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Katie Eagleson

Hi Howard,
This is Katie Eagleson, the singer referred to in your story. I know that the price of CDs was not the point of your blog, but I've been wondering why it's even LEGAL for somebody to charge that much on Amazon for my CD. I'm embarrassed by that. I hope no one out there falls prey. There are many other places to get it online that are reasonable. By the way.... I hope you enjoy the music!

David S Rose

What a spectacular example of the way Web 2.0 (whatever that is) is changing our world!

Howard posts a blog entry about some neat new technology, and as an example references an obscure jazz singer he likes. Katie Eagleson, said singer, has a Google blog alert running which tells her that she has been mentioned. She then leaves a comment on Howard's blog, which in turn catches my attention, and off I go to find a copy for myself (since we all know how good Howard's taste is :-). And of course, I'm going to use BiggerBoat to find a reasonably priced copy.

This kind of interlinked, interacting, user-generated content and networking is the essence of this brave new world, and I'm not sure that the effect of all this has truly sunk in yet, even with those of us in the 'digerati'...let alone the other 6 billion people out there.

It's a new world, and welcome to it! (And I can't wait to hear Katie's album...)

Katie Eagleson

A very new world indeed. I hope you enjoy the album.


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I also enjoy the album.

Tim Marman

And, of course, what would a new web world be without a couple of spam comments? :)


I'm just in love with the reason for Gadanke conimg into being :) We celebrated a number of family birthdays this summer - my dad turned 68, my mom 65, my husband's grandmother turned 83 and grandfather 85. And when I asked them what their favorite birthday memories were, or what birthdays were like for them growing up...not a single one could remember much of anything. It was heartbreaking for me! I wanted to hear the story of their first bike, or the cake their grandmother baked, or of the year they were naughty and got nothing, and there wasn't a single memory they could resurrect. So even if I don't win, I'm thrilled to see Katie making sure our generation doesn't have to go down the path of empty memories! And if I *did* win? I'd be all over the Love where we Live journal - I need to connect with our new house instead of it being an endless source of frustration for me.


Simply Amazing!!! The photos are very batfeiuul and they captured Katie and Nick's love for one another!! I was unable to attend the wedding and getting to see these moments made me feel like I was there!! I can say that Katie, whose laughter and enthusiasm for life has served as a constant reminder that there is true love in the world. Congrats again and May you never forget the happiness you feel today and know that you have given that same happiness to all of us who have been lucky enough to have been touched by your presence.Love Always, Jess Foster


I am soo happy for you guys!! Cutest couple ever!! Who would have pituecd this day when we were running around in high school?! : ) Love the photos. The place where you held the wedding looks amazing with the view and the house. Wishing you health, happiness and amazing times to come. XOXO

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