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powercast technology



This is the holy grail - hopefully we are finally getting close. with the abundance of gadgets, etc the amount of wires in the typical home or office is insane. can't wait. moishe


This is great. I have more wires for my PC than the equipment itself. Powermat!!

Hooman Radfar

This is really amazing stuff. Induction-based power solutions could be huge in business applications. Definitely an area to watch. Great post.


. I have more wires for my PC than the equipment itself. http://www.rapidsloth.com


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Spin? This is no spin zone!I guess Mr. Smith doesn't see that the 2500 people who voted for Scott Moran know at least 2500 fednris. Scott Moran ran this campaign without the help of paid twp employees being bullied to put signs on their lawns. The Scott Moran signs on peoples lawns this year weren't put there out of fear like Mr Taylor's signs, but rather because those people had an independant thought and didn't vote along party lines. For Scott, a vitual unknown last year in town, to have accumulated HALF OF THE NUMBER OF TAYLOR'S votes .. astounding Mr. Smith.But I guess youre the kind of angry young man that always looks at the glass as half empty. Scott Moran did more in this year to gain the ACTUAL (not pressured) RESPECT out of the citizens of this town that he was able to reach out too. There were MANY and I mean MANY people we met along our travels who told us . my husband works for the Twp or I have a business in the Twp and cant afford the abuse I will get if I actually excerise my American freedoms and vote my conscience.


My car was parked at one of the plloing places with Moran signs in the windows. The County Board of Elections was measuring while Pennsauken Dem Party/McConnell looked on to make sure my car was beyond the 100 boundary. It measured to 104 ! Gotta love it! LOLOLOLOLOL


Craig Hubley While milliwatt cairghng by induction is probably pretty harmless (though I am not a doctor and doctors have sure been wrong about radiation before) I would not want to stand or live or sleep anywhere near where a huge battery was being inductively recharged. I'll stick to plug-in for now, thanks, for both big and small devices. The rest of you can be the guinea pigs. To me this is just another reason not to want the electric car but I guess they can sell as many as they can make - so why not jam it up with pointless extras and charge more? January 10 2011 at 8:01 PM rate up rate down


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