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I hear about good VC's holding more casual office hours such as this. IMHO for a good reason to,


It'd be nice to know the degree of follow up and effectiveness of this approach.


After becoming adceitdd to Cohuman, convincing several of my company co-workers to use it, and instructing my employees to use it I was very disappointed when the plans were to sell and discontinue. I tried the export features into Manymoon and found them unsuccessful as they carried very little information forward. After hours and hours of copying tasks into Manymoon, I am now reluctant to come back to Cohuman (even though I loved the program much more than MM) because I do not want to have to spend more hours transferring data only to have some announcement come out again that CoHuman is discontinuing. Is there any assurance you can give us this time that our loyalty (and hours spent transferring tasks) in coming back and continuing to hail your program will not be all in vain this time?

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