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Andy Weissman


I am glad we played a small part in connecting you to the world Martin inhabited, a world that I think we all were lucky just to get small glimpses of. Martin will be missed.



I cannot agree more, actually I wrote a similar post weeks ago


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He was such a great man. He serves as my model. Thank you very much for sharing this post to everyone. I hope he would achieve peace.


Hey Roya! Seen Jane Campion's Piano ? It’s a wonder how dpeley women connect with, re-act to, and understand piano well “beyond” the mere musical instrument it gracefully is. My own mom being one of them, you are happily one of the last good examples I have got to know Girl! Take Care of yourself and your Husband you never write about, Put good dishes in front of him on New Year at least and God Bless You Both


A Song of Ice and Fire, to be correct. I'm very proud that I found this infirmatoon out on Wikipedia and passed it on to you and Nathan. I am very excited for the series. I have enjoyed reading these books almost as much as reading the HP series. HBO shows are very good and usually wins the most awards out of all the networks. Since HBO is cable they are not censored. I think this is the perfect reason for us to get HBO Andrew, even if the show does not start airing for a couple years. :)


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