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Arthur Einstein Jr

Interesting perspective Howard. So how do you judge whether the potential is monster or not? Everything looked like a big idea once. Now, nothing seems to.
[HLM] to keep with the food metaphor, it's gut feel.

Yuri G.

It's very interesting opinion, but do you think those VC's who invested in Twitter or other social networking projects are not smart enough and they didn't have any projections or ideas how to monetize those kind of projects in future? It's very interesting how they evaluate capitalization of those companies now...they dont' generate any cashflow but their valuation is unreallistically high. I think i saw that one of your partner at first round invested in Delicious, isn't the same kind of projects that you are considering as a UNI :)

Writing Course

Great help. Fantastic Points. Well done.

Coach Hire

Fast-forward to 2009, as Amazon introduces its Kindle DX, the latest iteration of their wireless ebook reader that offers a larger screen with eInk technology. Just as those kings and dukes were thrilled to build ever-larger battlements against their enemies, publishers are flocking to the Kindle as the wonder machine of choice

mini fridge

Silicon Alley Insider notes that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos brought a stunning statistic to light during the Kindle DX intro show: when Kindle-formatted books are available on Amazon, about 35 percent of those books' sales are now through Kindle editions.

cara meninggikan badan

These are deals where the product excites some of my sensibilities, and I can quickly see that I, and maybe many other early adopters I know, would easily become users. But I either don’t see a business model, or see how it gets to be a very large company. In many cases, I can see getting to a $10-20 million business throwing off a few million a year. But there is either market or no vision of how to get it to $50-100 million. These are wonderful business for the entrepreneur, friends and family, and some angel investors. They generate cash flow and great lifestyles. They just don’t work for the venture business.

tinggi badan

As businesses, most of them don’t have the ability to generate much revenue. The same seems true for the iPhone app business. Lots of neat apps (see the humorous iPhone ad you’ll never see on TV), but not many generating enough revenue for long enough to build venture scale companies.


So, I've been following both of you for some time (your work and pootrflio), and when forces combine, they speak volumes and create seismic impacts. Congrats on joining Orman's team!


Well I prefer you writnig in English! Thanks for the follow on Twitter. By the way, you have photos of my favourite running track...in Burleigh Heads. I love running through that rain forest track. On one run I saw a HUGE manta ray surfing a wave. See you in class tomorrow!


Hey!Good ol' Whirlpool You're right about the balance, it's very imraptont. I think you've got a good mix going, with uni a few days and a few days for a life Just make sure not to neglect one or the other, too much of a good thing isn't always good, remember.Good luck with your first semester!Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have Thanks for reading!thegirlwithabow.


Good luck man. Orman is a great designer and yet his weseitbs are more than just design. With a programmer like you I can only imagine the future themes.

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