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Great summary of DLD, Howard - glad that you came out, now we only have to get Chris to Munich as well!

Robert May

Howard, sounds like you did Davos without the small hotel rooms and crowded lifts. Good writeup, thanks! @iamrmay


This is a great article, and a great topic to explore. Thanks for sharing.


Yay, you have Nada Surf's Paper Boats in there! I've been listening to the song a lot ltlaey (found a youtube video that's not the actual music video, but it just happens to feature the whole song in the background). Thanks for introducing me to new music.


Thanks, Chad. I checked out your wrteuip on your experience of that day too and I'm now following your blog! Unfortunately, I didn't get to the guest beer tent due to the crazy long lines, but I really wanted to get in there to try a few of them. Glad you got in there and rubbed elbows with the fine folks at Surly, they make some great beer. Hope to see you up there for DLD 2011!


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